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ادعیہ و مسنون اذکار استکرز

Mukhtalif Duao K Stikers

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Dar Ul Andlus
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April 05, 2004
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Dua is very strong tool to get mercy of Allah, but we must have firm belif that Allah always listen dua but accept at the right time. Dua or Supplication means “call to ALLAH” with praise, hope and mention one’s needs. In our faith Dua is important medium to call ALLAH, In Quran ALLAH said that we make Dua to him. There are many ways of Dua, it may be someone own words depending upon need or situation or it may be based upon verses of Quran. There are many masnnoon supplications form Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) about our daily life including Subha Sham kay Azkar, these Masnnoon supplications help us protect ourselves from afflicted, anxiety and sorrow. So it is necessary for everyone that remembers and recites these masnnoon supplications.  

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There are 3 stages of dua acceptance and the detail is given below:
1. Immediately acceptance
2. Allah bless us with best one
3. Preserved for Judgment day

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Genre: General
Pages: 10
Size: 12x21
Weight (KG): 0.3
Color: 4 color

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